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Qualitative Methods

Qualitative Methods

Overview of qualitative & quantiative methods


Analyzing qualitative research by computer: Social Research Update

Collection of bibliographies

Grounded theory

Qualitative research

Software selection (online resources)

Software selection (print)


Methods of inquiry

Action Research
Ethnographics Laboratory: USC
Grounded Theory
Multimedia ethnography
Narrative Inquiry
Phenomenology (Description)
Rhetoric of Inquiry
Social & Cultural Anthropology
Visual Anthropology: USC

Software programs & demos (alphabetical list)

Analytic Technologies:

  • Ucinet for social network analysis,
  • KrackPlot for graph drawing software
  • Antrhopac for cultural research

Freeware for qualitative and mixed methods analysis provided by CDC:

ATLAS.ti: software for grounded theory, anthropology & sociology
CAQDAS: Computer Assisted Qualitative Analysis Software
Ethnograph: Software for analysis of text segments
GlossaNet: morphological, lexical, syntactical and thematic information retrieval of web sites of newspapers
The Hume machine: Sociological Candide software using Clustered Graphs (or Cognitive Maps) to represent textual knowledge
HyperQual3: structured & unstructured data analysis
Intext and ConClus: language & content analysis software
Lothar Rostek: content analysis software: Tatoe, A Smalltalk Frame Kit, TerminologyFramework
NetMiner: Exploratory network data analysis and visualization
Nvivo & NUD*IST Site

Qualitative Media Analyzer: software analysis for digitalized audio- or video recordings
T-Lab: Co-word mapping, cluster analysis and FAC (factorial analysis of correspondence) software
TextGrab: website downloader segmenting the text automatically designed for use with TextQuest
TextQuest: English & German CAQDAS with negation detection and interactive coding
WinMax: qualitative method processing user-coded text segments

Reviews & comparisons of software

Choosing qualitative data analysis software (Sociological Research Online)
Comparisons of qualitative research programs
Qualitative data analysis software resources
Review of computers in qualitative text analysis
Review of qualitative software from Indiana
Sociologic software: McMasters' Virtual library

Research societies

Action Science Network
Association for Qualitative Research (Australia)
Association for Qualitiative Research (United Kingdom)
Bridges: Mixed Methods Network for Behavioral, Social and Health Research
Center for the Ethnography of Everyday life
Cochrane Qualitiative Methods Network
Grounded Theory Institute
Society for Human Ecology
Society for Medical Anthropology
Society for the Study of Symbolic Interactionism
World Phenomenology Society

University of Wisconsin-Madison courses and researchers
Under construction


QualPage University of Alberta
Qualitative Report online journal & resources
Qualitative Resources in Education York University

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