Virginia Horne Henry Research Grant Application

To be included in this category, dance, media, or other fine arts projects must contain a clear description of the link to research/scholarly activity. It is up to the investigator to clearly demonstrate a link to research and/or scholarly activity (e.g. document the historical or social context in which the work is grounded; include a review of the literature informing the development of the work; describe the theoretical constructs underlying the work; state methods of data collection, analysis and/or evaluation of the work, etc.). In the absence of such research/scholarly description, projects are more appropriately submitted under the 'Special Projects' category.
The committee may contact applicants for additional information or interviews
Who should we contact regarding the proposal?
A brief description of those involved in the project, including the number of women students and faculty that will be involved in conducting the research. When requesting RA/PA support, if known, please specify the gender and name of the PA/RA.

Applications must include the following

  • Cover page with title
  • Two-page proposal for the project. Within the two pages, the proposal must address:
    • How the proposed special project or visiting scholar activities relate to women’s physical education, activity or movement and the female body in culture. The potential impact of the project on women in general.
    • The purpose and activities of the proposed project and when and where they will occur.
    • The number of women involved in both planning and participating in the special project or the visiting scholar activities.
    • Detailed Budget. Describe how the requested funds will enhance the activities of the special project. Include a brief justification for each item being requested. Note any other sources of funding that will be supporting the project or visiting scholar.
    • If appropriate, the plans for ongoing support of the project.
  • Brief resume/curriculum vita -no more than four pages
Limit two-pages

Please upload a completed Research Grant Budget Sheet.  ONLY ENTER INFORMATION IN THE HIGHLIGHTED FIELDS

A Budget Sample is provided here for your convenience.

Requests for travel funds should not exceed $1000 per person for domestic travel or $2000 per person for international travel.

Budget Upload
After completing your budget, upload your form here.
The Henry family has been a long time supporter to the School of Education. As such, we are exploring ways to highlight projects the grant supports. If your grant project is selected, will the Virginia Horne Henry fund support be acknowledged or highlighted? If so how?
All projects receiving support from this fund must notify the VHH Committee upon completion of the project and provide a 1 page final report within 60 days of completion. If you have an open project funded by VHH, please include a 1 page progress report with this application.
Progress report/Final report