Student/Sport Club Grant Application

The committee may contact applicants for additional information or interviews.

Each Sport Club submitting a proposal must have the approval and signature of Assistant Director of Competitive Sports, prior to submission. Please submit your proposal to the Assistant Director of Competitive Sports at least two weeks prior to the submission deadline for review and approval. Proposals without the appropriate approval and signature will not be considered.

Who should we contact regarding the proposal?
The Henry family has been a long time supporter to the School of Education. As such, we are exploring ways to highlight projects the grant supports. If your grant project is selected, will the Virginia Horne Henry fund support be acknowledged or highlighted? If so how?

Applicants must submit a pdf document that includes a cover page with title, proposal (no more than 2 pages), fund report for previously supported programs and any supporting documents using the upload link below. The project budget should be submitted in the specified Excel document format (link is on the application page). Documents should be submitted in pdf format with the following file naming convention:


A two-page proposal for the project. Within the two pages, the proposal must address:

  1. The mission of the student group requesting the funds. Briefly describe the activities of the group.
  2. The number of current participants in the student group and the percentage of current regular participants that are women. The group’s plan or strategy for increasing the number of women involved.
  3. How the proposed student project relates to women’s physical education, activity or movement and the female body in culture.The potential impact of the project on women in general.
  4. The activities of the proposed project, when and where they will occur.
  5. The student group’s plans for ongoing support of the project.
All projects receiving support from this fund must notify the VHH Committee upon completion of the project and provide a 1 page final report within 60 days of completion. If you have an open project funded by VHH, please include a 1 page progress report with this application.

Include a copy of the student group’s current budget including the other sources of funding that support the student group. ​Please use the Sports Team Budget Sheet to detail the budget for the project. Describe how the requested funds will enhance the activities of the student project. Include a brief justification for each item being requested. ONLY ENTER INFORMATION IN HIGHLIGHTED BOXES.

In addition to an Excel Sheet with the proposed budget for the grant, please attach a copy of your full operational budget for the year. Travel fund requests for Sport Clubs are not to exceed $2000 and should include justification.

Please see the Budget Sample example if needed.

Budget Sheet