Virginia Horne Henry Wisconsin Grant Competition

The Virginia Horne Henry Fund provides money for an annual competition for a number of activities related to women’s physical education, movement and the female body in culture, including:

  • Special programs
  • New course development
  • Research support
  • Visiting scholars
  • Student support
  • Permanent equipment for recreational sports clubs       

Funding may be requested for one-time events, such as a guest scholar’s visit to campus, or as temporary or seed money for various projects.  Projects may be proposed for a period of one year, with the possibility of additional year(s) of funding on reapplying.  No amount of money is too small to request.

Awards will be granted on the merits of the project and the close connection to the fundamental principles of Virginia Horne Henry’s work.  Only those projects that have a clear relationship to the values that inspired her work will be funded. Specifically, the Committee considers:

  • Relevance to women and their involvement in physical education, activity and movement
  • Potential impact of the project on women’s health and well-being
  • Number of women students involved must be half of total group size


Faculty, staff and student organizations at UW-Madison are eligible. Student organizations should have a faculty or staff advisor submit the proposal on the group's behalf.

Application Process: Application procedures vary according to the type of funding being requested. Be sure to select the appropriate application form. Completed applications must be submitted electronically and received by:
February 2, 2018, by 4:30 p.m.

If you have any questions, please call Ruth Benedict at 262-0543.

Grant Application forms

Funded Grant​ Spotlights 2016-17

Mariah Lefeber
3may2016Over the course of the past year, the support from the Virginia Horne Henry Special Projects Fund has been invaluable to the growth and development of our community dance program. This fund continues to be a major supporter of the important work we are doing equipping college dance majors and sharing the gift of dance with local under served girls ages 5-14. "We are so very thankful for the support from the Virginia Horne Henry Fund, and for the chance it gave us to empower undergraduate dance majors and spread the gift of dance to over 100 local, low-income youth."- LeFeber

Swim Club

72a922ac-d350-45f8-a698-093a5ed4f70ee97908ac-44c4-457a-a220-5d9670afd315swim"Swimming alone can be efficient, a workout that would extend 90 minutes with a team can take 60 minutes alone and provide time for the swimmer to reflect. However, being a part of a team pushes swimmers to achieve exponentially higher goals than can be achieved alone. Teammates push each other to swim faster, get more involved, and in turn inspire others to invest themselves in the sport. The UW-Madison Swim Club allows members to set personal goals, but works together as a team to achieve these goals, and creates an inclusive athletic community for both women and men.

Our founder Hannah Munson instigated a strong and positive female image when she started the UW Madison Swim Club two years ago. She led by example, showing the group what great things women could do on this campus, both academically and in the pool. Today, we are a growing competitive sports club where 35 of our 55 total swimmers are women, a whopping 64% of membership. Furthermore, she transmitted her vision for the club to other members, inspiring the next round of female leaders in the club to exude the same drive."

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