Strategic Priorities


The School of Education commits itself to the education of leaders who will enrich lives, transform communities, and better the world.  As a part of a public land-grant university, we are steadfast in the belief that a high-quality public education for all is vital to our contemporary democratic society.

We are committed to the role of innovative research in accomplishing these goals.  We undertake broad and in-depth research and scholarship, both for the discovery of new knowledge and understanding, and to put research into practice to advance society.

Our research prowess is second -to-none.  The Wisconsin Center for Education Research (WCER) is one of the largest and most respected education research centers in the world. The demand for the highest quality research and well-prepared leaders has never been greater.

The excellence of the School of Education is widely recognized.  Many of our programs are recognized as among the very best in the nation. We are consistently achieving at the highest levels across the entire School — in the arts, health-related programs and education.


Maintaining a recognized leadership position can be more difficult than building up to it.

Our reputation for quality must be earned every day.  We will not rest on reputation but use our strengths as a fulcrum to innovate and improve.

The landscape in which we work is shifting rapidly: socially, economically and globally. Society and the economy are changing faster than our educational institutions are able to react.

Over the next three years we will:  INNOVATE, ADAPT our financial model, SUSTAIN the highest standards of academic practice, and MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the world.


Our mission is to advance public education for learners at all levels in a variety of settings.  We will accomplish this within the university and local, state, national and global communities through innovation, increasing diversity  and strategic partnerships.  Through the reach of our research, programs and community, our achievements will be magnified from Wisconsin to the world — the Wisconsin Idea in action.

We are guided in these efforts by our CORE PRINCIPLES:

  • We are a creative, engaging and innovative community.
  • We strive for continued excellence.
  • We are an inclusive and diverse community.
  • We treat all with respect and dignity.
  • We consider our students, faculty and staff when making decisions.
  • We engage in clear communications to foster broad information sharing and collaboration.

Our actions are aligned with the University of Wisconsin’s STRATEGIC FRAMEWORK

  • Provide an exemplary undergraduate education.
  • Reinvigorate the Wisconsin Idea and renew our commitment to our public mission.
  • Invest in scholarly domains in which we have existing or potential strength and impact.
  • Recruit and retain the best faculty and staff, and reward merit.
  • Enhance diversity in order to ensure excellence in education and research.
  • Be responsible stewards of our resources.