Academic Programs

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Teacher Licensing Programs


The School of Education offers minors for its teacher education students only. 

Elementary Education majors in the Middle Childhood/Early Adolescence-Content Focused track are required to select a minor area of study chosen from an approved list (below). Note that the list of available minors is restricted for those MC-EA-Content Focused students who began as freshmen in fall 2011. Minors in italics below will not be options for those students. 

Secondary Science Education and Secondary Social Studies Education encourage their students to choose additional minors within specific programs. Occasionally, Secondary Education students may choose a minor in a subject that crosses program areas—for example, Mathematics and Science or English and a World Language. These combinations must be approved in advance by program faculty. Students must also apply and be admitted to the second area of study. Choose from the links below and go to the School of Education section of the campus Undergraduate Catalog.

Certificate Programs

Some departments and programs offer certificates, a specific academic credential earned by completing a set of approved courses. A certificate is earned separately from, or in addition to, an undergraduate major. For information about a specific certificate, consult an advisor in the program offering the certificate. 

NOTE: Submit completion form during the semester all certificate requirements will be completed.