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EdSurge speaks with UW's Hora about Trump's order to revamp apprenticeship programs

June 23, 2017
UW-Madison's Matthew Hora was quoted in an article from EdSurge on the recent push for apprenticeship programs and President Donald Trump's executive order for the U.S. Labor Department to streamline the process of establishing such programs. 

Hora is a researcher with the Wisconsin Center for Education Research, which is housed within the School of Education. He is director of WCER's Center for Research on College-Workforce Transitions (CCWT), and also is an assistant professor of adult teaching and learning with the Department of Liberal Arts and Applied Studies. Hora's research focuses on higher education-workforce relations, organizational change and classroom teaching in postsecondary contexts. He is a co-author of the 2016 book, “Beyond the Skills Gap: Preparing College Students for Life and Work.”

Streamlining the process of establishing apprenticeship programs will reduce government oversight and regulation, which some worry will lead to programs that exploit workers or lack the proper educational component. Supporters of the executive order say it will increase awareness for those who would benefit from apprenticeship programs. 

"The positive aspect that I’m really excited about as a learning scientist is the emphasis of experiential learning,” ​Hora told EdSurge. “The experiential learning element of apprenticeships is absent from any conversations about apprenticeships — they’re overlooking one of the core pedagogical benefits.”

Additionally, Hora told EdSurge there is a pattern among Republican lawmakers that support workforce programs while simultaneously reducing funding for the education system that holds up the very same programs. 

“There’s all this talk about how higher education is failing to produce skilled workers, but at the same time there’s not an investment in the very engine of skill production," Hora told EdSurge. 

For more information, read the full article: "What's At Stake in President Trump's Order to Revamp Apprenticeship Programs."

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