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Enright's work on forgiveness featured in Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

August 18, 2017

The work of UW-Madison's Robert Enright, who has pioneered the study of forgiveness in locations across the globe for three decades, was recently featured in an article from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Enright is a a professor with the School of Education’s No. 1-ranked Department of Educational Psychology

Robert Enright
Enright's work focuses on hot-button issues such as bullying and gender-based violence, poverty and trauma, landing him in the spotlight. 

Enright has developed his research into a K-12 curriculum focused on forgiveness. Now, it is being taught in classrooms in more than 30 countries. 

The students that go through Enright's curriculum and lessons on forgiveness are affected in positive ways. Enright told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that he "sees a reduction in anger, depression and anxiety and a boosted self-esteem."

His efforts strive to dismantle the perception that forgiveness is weakness, and instead tries to reframe it as "an active virtue." Enright also explains that forgiveness does not excuse the injustice. 

"You realize that when you forgive you don’t excuse, you don’t necessarily reconcile and you don’t get rid of justice," Enright said. "You forgive and seek justice at the same time."

Enright is currently in the process with the United Nations of bringing forgiveness therapy to schools in war zones. 

Read the full article here: "Is there a better response to injustice? Pioneering UW professor teaches forgiveness."

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