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Minero awarded 2017 Alix Olson Award for the Promotion of a Tolerant and Just Community

October 09, 2017

UW-Madison's Laura Minero has been awarded the 2017 Alix Olson Award for the Promotion of a Tolerant and Just Community. The award recognizes individuals who have made a difference in their community by promoting tolerance and justice. 

Minero is a Ph.D. student with the School of Education’s Department of Counseling Psychology.

Minero's research focuses on the experiences of transgender immigrants, and is a Dreamer and DACA recipient. Minero is an outspoken voice and advocate in the conversations around just and humane immigration reform.

A press release from the City of Madison announcing the award reports Minero leads marches, gives presentations, meets with lawmakers, and takes interviews so that "a broad audience may hear and learn of the concerns around DACA."

The award was presented to Minero on Oct. 3 by members of STAJOH (Seeking Tolerance and Justice Over Hate), which is an anti-hate crime group. The group is composed of representatives from the City of Madison, Dane County, Madison Metropolitan School District, State of Wisconsin, and UW-Madison. 

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