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Li's solo in 'Dancing on the Ceiling' reviewed by the Shepherd Express

November 02, 2017
UW-Madison's Li Chiao-Ping's recent solo performance of her work "in medias res" in the "Dancing on the Ceiling" concert was reviewed in the Shepherd Express. 

Li Chiao-Ping
Li Chiao-Ping
Li is a Vilas Research Professor and a faculty member with the School of Education’s Dance Department.

"Dancing on the Ceiling" was a concert made up of solo works exploring women's lives with strength, poignancy and wit. Alongside Li, Simone Ferro, Sara Hook, Charlotte Adams, Beth Corning and Debra Loewen performed solo works as well. The Shepherd Express review headline declares the show "a fabulous protest by women of stature."

"With amazing strength and flexibility, Li took us from astonishment to astonishment against her recorded voice reciting an encyclopedic list of words and imperatives starting with 'be,'" writes John Schneider, the reviewer.

To read the full review, visit the Shepherd Express.

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