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Hamman publishes article on translanguaging spaces in Language and Education

November 13, 2017
UW-Madison's Laura Hamman has published an article in Language and Education about the impact of translanguaging in two-way dual language immersion (DLI) contexts.

Hamman is a Ph.D. candidate with the School of Education's Department of Curriculum and Instruction, specializing in English as a second language and bilingual education. Hamman's dissertation explores the language and literacy practices of emergent bilinguals in two-way immersion classrooms and considers how classroom practices, policies and ideologies shape students' bilingualism.

Hamman's article describes her case study of a dual language immersion classroom in a mid-sized Midwestern city and provides evidence that flexible language practices can both help and hurt the aims of DLI programs.

Hamman found that translanguaging was simultaneously an authentic communicative practice, a useful technique for scaffolding language and learning, and also a problematic positioning tool that differentially enables some students, but not all, to leverage their home language and assert expertise in the classroom. Instead, Hamman argues for the creation of a "critical translanguaging space."

“I argue that a critical translanguaging space requires not only the rejection of static notions of language and bilingualism, but also the recognition of language hierarchies within particular sociolinguistic spaces," says Hammn. "This does not belie the need for ‘flexible’ language spaces that encourage translanguaging and facilitate metalinguistic connections, but it does require that the decisions for how and when to create those spaces be intentional.”

Access Hamman's article online: "Translanguaging and positioning in two-way dual language classrooms: a case for criticality."

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