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Innovative UW-Madison summer class examining athlete monitoring technologies

June 07, 2018

The Capital Times recently posted a report examining a unique and innovative UW-Madison Summer Term course being taught by the School of Education’s David Bell.

Technology is becoming increasingly common in high-level athletics, with many teams –- including the Badgers football squad -– now using GPS units to inform training. Such efforts can help bolster performance or monitor athletes in order to help them return from injury.

David Bell
The Department of Kinesiology is in the midst of hosting an upper-level, three-week Summer Term class called, “Sports Science & Athlete Monitoring.” It focuses on the most popular technologies in the field of human performance in an effort to teach UW-Madison students how to collect data, interrupt the information and use it in a meaningful way.

It’s believed to be the first class of its kind in the United States.

The class is geared toward strength and conditioning, and medical professionals, and is led by Bell, a faculty member with our Department of Kinesiology’s Athletic Training program. He leads the Wisconsin Injury in Sports Laboratory.

As the Cap Times reports: “The tech is still emergent, but it’s increasingly common for athletes to wear data-collecting sensors on their bodies, or to use apps to record data on their dietary and sleeping habits. Athlete monitoring tools are akin to the personal fitness trackers like Fitbits, only the data they collect are typically more precise, diverse and come with deeper insights.”

“When it comes to technology and sport in general, it’s a really interesting time to be in this field,” Bell tells the Cap Times.

The idea of the class, Bell tells the Cap Times, is that students will leave the course with “a basic understanding of what the most popular, and innovative technologies are being used for sports today.”

But to learn all the details, make sure and check out the entire Cap Times report for free on this web page.

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