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SciPod puts spotlight on quantitative ethnography work of UW-Madison's Shaffer

June 12, 2018
The work of UW-Madison's David Williamson Shaffer was recently featured on a "SciPod" podcast episode about quantitative ethnography. 

Shaffer is the Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor of Learning Sciences with the School of Education's No. 1-ranked Department of Educational Psychology.

The episode -- "Transforming Big Data into Meaningful Insights" -- explores the unprecedented way social scientists can study human behavior through data in the information age. The episode describes Shaffer's work as "a novel theory and set of techniques for merging quantitative and qualitative analyses to discover meaningful patterns in big data."

Shaffer is the author of a ​2017 book that examines these topics titled, “Quantitative Ethnography.”

To listen or learn more about the podcast, visit this SciPod web page.

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