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UW-Madison alum Cosner receives UIC Award for Excellence in Teaching

December 09, 2016

UW-Madison School of Education alumna Shelby Cosner received the University of Illinois at Chicago's (UIC) Award for Excellence in Teaching. 

Cosner earned her Ph.D. from the School of Education’s Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis in 2005.

Shelby Cosner
Cosner is now an associate professor of educational organization and leadership at UIC. Before becoming a professor, she was a school principal and a district-level leader for about a decade in Wisconsin.

Cosner has also been a co-leader of UIC's doctoral program in Urban Educational Leadership, and recently received a $400,000 grant to"allow her to lead a UIC team that will provide intensive support to two other U.S. universities seeking to transform their principal preparation programs."

“I hope that one of the first things that students see is that I really have a duty of care for them as people and that I have a duty of care for their learning,” Cosner said in this UIC news release. “I’m hoping they would see somebody who is very intentional about what I do when we are together in a classroom space so we can have a classroom context that is really generative of learning and development.”

In 2009, Cosner was awarded UIC's Council for Excellence in Teaching and Learning Award.