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UW-Madison alum Rosenblith named to associate dean post at Clemson

December 27, 2016

UW-Madison alumna Suzanne Rosenblith was recently named associate dean for Clemson University's College of Education undergraduate programs. 

Rosenblith earned her Ph.D. in educational policy studies, with an emphasis in philosophy of education. from UW-Madison. 

According to a Clemson news release, Rosenblith was previously the chair of the college’s department of teaching and learning, and has served as a faculty member at Clemson University since 2002.

The new position involves leadership in undergraduate programming and clinical and field experiences, overseeing assessment and accreditation and participating in policy development and implementation.

From the press release: “Positions like this provide an administrative infrastructure to the college that will allow it to more effectively execute its mission,” Rosenblith said. “It will undoubtedly make an impact on students and communities at Clemson, in South Carolina and beyond the borders of our state.”

In her new position, Rosenblith will focus on increasing enrollment and exploring ways to create five-year programs and other ways to better serve students.