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State Journal spotlights alum Isaac's 'the understory'

September 25, 2017

UW-Madison alumna Chele Isaac's new show at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art was featured in a recent article from the Wisconsin State Journal. 

Isaac received her Master of Fine Arts from the School of Education’s Art Department in 2008.

Isaac's show, titled "Chele Isaac: the understory," is a 20-minute looped multi-channel video installation and is "as much a performance as an exhibition."

The artwork is positioned at the museum's State Street Gallery, and features seven simultaneous projections with the images in motion. Isaac created and arranged the images from hours of video footage, most of which are from nature. 

The Wisconsin State Journal writes Isaac's "the understory" can feel like a kaleidoscope at times, and the result is "transportive."

Isaac made the purposeful decision to make viewers stand at the center of the images and turn around if they wanted to see everything, because she told the Wisconsin State Journal she likes "the idea of literally having to shift your perspective to watch this-to be active with it." 

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