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Alum Kirchgasler publishes article examining 'grit' in American Educational Research Journal

March 15, 2018
UW-Madison alumnus Christopher Kirchgasler published a new article in the American Educational Research Journal titled, "True Grit? Making a Scientific Object and Pedagogical Tool."

Kirchgasler received ​his Ph.D. from the School of Education's Department of Curriculum and Instruction in 2017. He is currently an assistant professor of curriculum studies in the Department of Curriculum and Teaching at the University of Kansas.

The article explores how grit has become a way of thinking about differences among students, with Kirchgasler discussing grit as a cultural thesis that links individualism to narratives of American exceptionalism and historical progress. 

Kirchgasler reveals the danger in pedagogies of grit, showing how they divide people by the display of particular attitudes and behaviors, decontextualizing social and economic inequalities and explaining them as instead owing to the intrinsic qualities of people.