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UW-Madison alum Woit featured by Isthmus reminiscing about Art Fair on the Square

July 13, 2018

Kathleen Woit, an alumna of UW-Madison and a current member of the School of Education's Board of Visitors, was featured by the Isthmus newspaper about her memories and experiences around the Art Fair on the Square.

Woit earned a master’s in Curriculum and Instruction in 1973, a master’s in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis in 1981, and a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis in 1992.

Woit tells the Isthmus that she visited her first fair in 1959, and it sparked a love of the arts and a "lifetime of volunteerism and giving." Woit was actively involved with the fair's parent organization, the Madison Arts Center, as it moved into the Overture Center for the Arts and its transformation into the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art. 

“There were no distractions at all. It was what I would call a very fine arts exhibit. It was the perfect stage for people to show their talent. It couldn’t have been more impressive... I remember walking around,” Woit told Isthmus. “We were pretty much in awe of the fact that we were on the Capitol grounds at all, as kids!"

The fair has grown tremendously over the years, from around 50 artists to 500 in 2018. 

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