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La Crosse Tribune spotlights children's books from UW-Madison alum Gowey

March 05, 2019

The La Crosse Tribune recently ran a feature on UW-Madison alumna and children's book author Christine Gowey.

She earned her undergraduate degree in physical education​ from the School of Education’s Department of Kinesiology in 1978.

Christine Gowey
With tragic beginnings, Gowey’s career as a children’s book author was born out of her son Jeremiah’s unexpected death. According to the La Crosse Tribune, she used the writing process to heal and share her experiences to help other people. 

Many of Gowey’s books explore topics of grief, safety, health, and disability from an encouraging and age-appropriate perspective. 

Her first book, “Zip Zap and Take a Nap,” was a collaboration with her daughter Brandie Gowey. This story, according to the La Crosse Tribune, approaches adrenal fatigue through the tale of two bees. This story helps children understand how stress and rest affect the body.  

She has published multiple other books, such as “Mother Grace” and “Five-Legged Louie.” Gowey tells the La Crosse Tribune that she always has ideas for her books in mind; her second installation of the Coco books is currently in the works. 

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