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Work of UW-Madison alum Sheets-Johnstone published in several outlets

March 19, 2019
The work of UW-Madison alumna Maxine Sheets-Johnstone has appeared in various publications over the last four months.

Sheets-Johnstone earned her master's degree from the School of Education's Department of Dance in 1952, and received her Ph.D. in dance in 1963.

Her essay "Essential Dimensions of Being a Body" was published in "The Routledge International Handbook of Embodied Perspectives in Psychotherapy."

"Kinesthesia: An Extended Critical Review and a Beginning Phenomenology of Learning," was shared in the Continental Philosophy Review. 

Sheets-Johnstone also contributed a chapter, titled "Phenomenological Methodology: An Aesthetic Experience," in "Performance Phenomenology: To The Thing Itself."

And she also contributed a chapter to "Surprise: An Emotion," titled, "If the Body is Part of our Discourse, Why Not Let It Speak."