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UW-Madison alum Ellsworth receives 2019 Grammar Teacher of the Year Award

May 06, 2019

UW-Madison alumna Ann Ellsworth finds grammar exciting and powerful. For her efforts teaching grammar, she recently received the 2019 Grammar Teacher of the Year Award, a coveted national recognition presented by the Assembly for the Teaching of English Grammar and GrammarFlip.

Ann Ellsworth
Ellsworth, who is now an education professor at Montana State University, earned her Ph.D. from the School of Education’s Department of Curriculum and Instruction in 1989.

Prior to working with the MSU College of Education, Ellsworth taught curriculum in Spanish and English in Wisconsin. According to the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, this is where she learned the importance of language. 

Ellsworth sees teaching grammar as a blend of science and an art, and focuses her teaching on transformation, rather than just transmitting knowledge. She tells the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, “I’ve always believed that knowledge is power. … Once you understand how something works, you’re able to use it as a tool.”

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