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Alum Greendeer credits part of his success to class taught by UW-Madison's Capper

June 05, 2019

UW–Madison alumnus David Greendeer, the executive director of business for the Ho-Chunk Nation, credits part of his success and prolific career to a class he took from the School of Education's Colleen Capper, according to a recent report in

Greendeer, who received his master’s degree from the School of Education’s Department of Educational Leadership and Policy and Analysis, is in charge of all gaming and non-gaming enterprises for the Nation.

While this role includes business aspects like overseeing all Ho-Chunk Gaming locations, through this position Greendeer is an official appointment of the president of the Ho-Chunk Nation, Wilfrid Cleveland, and is confirmed through the legislative branch of the tribe.

Greendeer enjoys taking part in planning for the future of this sovereign nation, telling Madison365 that “the decisions I make today impact all of our people tomorrow.” He often works with other Ho-Chunk departments and officials to increase the Nation’s presence in the community.

Beyond all of the work Greendeer does as the executive director of business for Ho-Chunk Nation, he is also an outspoken activist. He worked to develop the “Rights of Nature” resolution presented at the 2016 Ho-Chunk General Council meeting, which later became a constitutional amendment of the Ho-Chunk Nation.

Throughout his prolific career, Greendeer has looked back to the class he considers to be one of the most impactful experiences in his life. He tells that Capper had a reputation for being hard, but Greendeer reports that her class has been invaluable to him.

Capper is a professor with the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis. She also is co-founder of Integrated Comprehensive Systems for Equity, and worked with Greendeer to strengthen his ability to write effectively.

Greendeer tells Madison365 that Capper’s class “was one of the pivotal courses for me. The University of Wisconsin really set me up for my next venture.”

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