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UW-Madison alum Platt author of new book, 'Working Hard, Working Happy'

June 07, 2019

UW-Madison alumna Rita Platt is the author of a new book, “Working Hard, Working Happy,” that is to be released by Routledge in July.

Working Hard, Working Happy book coverPlatt earned her undergraduate degree in elementary education from UW-Madison’s School of Education in 1996.

In her new book, Platt shows how educators can create a joyful classroom community in which students are determined to work hard, be resilient, and never give up.

Revealing how joy and effort go hand-in-hand, Platt describes how to build students’ purpose, mastery, and autonomy so they take ownership of their work and develop a growth mindset for success.

Included in each chapter are practical tools, tips, and ideas that educators can use immediately to develop skills in their students to help them find more joy and success in the learning process.