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New C&I course: Instructional Technology, Learning and Games

December 06, 2012

We are pleased to share information about a new two-credit elective course, C&I 375 - Instructional Technology, Learning & Games.

What will be covered?
The course will be an exciting combination of themes, all focused on technology in the classroom.  One week will be experience-based learning regarding technology use and assessment in the classroom.  The second week will be about video games and learning.

Who is teaching the course?
Anna Lewis, Jim Jonas, Ashley Guy and other MERIT Staff will teach the first week focusing on integrating technology in the classroom. Ryan Martinez from the Games Learning Society will cover video games and learning during the second week.

How many credits?
2 credits.   These count toward your credit total in the Spring semester. If you sign up and are above 18 credits you'll need to talk to your advisor.  You'll need him or her to fill out a form, and it might have financial aid implications.

How long is the class and when will it be held?
The course is two weeks long.  It will be taught in-person from January 7th -18th.

Where will it be held?
Mac Lab 346 in MERIT Library, Teacher Education.

For more information, please contact Jim Jonas at MERIT Library.