News for Faculty and Staff

Website updates: Sitefinity profile widget & Digital Measures

January 23, 2013

The SoE web team has implemented faculty-requested updates to the Individual Profile widget in Sitefinity. This is the code that displays Digital Measures information on department faculty/staff profile pages.  

The changes to the widget displays are as follows:

  1. Unlimited publications, presentations, grants, etc.  We will eliminate the limit of 10 publications, presentations etc. displayed on the profile tabs.  Each Digital Measures item-entry screen contains a question like: “Make information public?”.  Answer “Yes” to display the record, and “No” to hide it.
  2. Publication status (unpublished, published, submitted, in press, accepted, etc.) for documents will now be displayed.
  3. Multiple websites can be entered in the address screen in Digital Measures. User has ability to label the links. The widget will display all entered links.
  4. Multiple titles and/or departments can be shown on the Individual Profile widget’s contact information tab. To display more than one title, you will need to make additional entries for the same academic year in Digital Measures’ “General” screen.

The web team has also implemented some Digital Measures updates.

  1. Career History, Media Contributions, and Faculty/Professional Development records can now be marked public (will be displayed) or not public (will not be displayed).  Tabs will be added tabs to the Sitefinity widget to display these items.