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Nathan speaks at University of Delaware about integrated STEM education

October 29, 2014

UW-Madison’s Mitch Nathan is delivering a presentation on Wednesday at the University of Delaware titled, “Rising to the challenges of integrated STEM education: A response from the field of learning sciences.”

Mitchell Nathan
Nathan is director of the Center on Education and Work, and a faculty member with the departments of Educational PsychologyCurriculum and Instruction, and Psychology.

This talk was part of a colloquium series hosted by the University of Delaware’s School of Education.

According to a summary of Nathan’s presentation, “The 21stcentury has witnessed a clarion call to build capacity across the STEM fields: science, technology, engineering and mathematics. One major thrust at capacity building is to provide integrated STEM education programs (iSTEM) in primary and secondary grades. Yet iSTEM initiatives face serious challenges, ranging from ingrained views on the nature and history of science, the entrenchment of 20thcentury educational policies and practices, limits to our current scientific understanding of STEM learning, and prevailing assessment practices. The field of Learning Sciences contributes theories and methodologies that may be uniquely poised to address the challenges of designing empirically based and theoretically motivated iSTEM programs for K-12 students.”