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UW’s Mead speaks at Fordham event examining equity in urban charter schools

October 30, 2014

UW-Madison’s Julie Mead gave a presentation on Friday, Oct. 24 at the 2014 Fordham Urban Law Journal’s annual Cooper-Walsh Colloquium.

The event, held at Fordham University's Law School, was dedicated to the topic of, “Financing and Fairness: Implementation and Equity in the Urban Charter School.”

Julie Mead
Mead, a professor with the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis, delivered a presentation titled, “The Right to an Education or the Right to Shop for One: Examining Voucher Programs in Relation to State Constitutional Guarantees.”

According to that paper’s abstract, Mead’s presentation “explores the question of under what circumstances a state’s subsidy of private education through a voucher program could compromise that state’s ability to fulfill its obligation to establish and fund public schools consistent with each state’s constitutional mandates. This analysis reviews the prevalence of voucher programs in the country, describes judicial findings with respect to the constitutionality of the programs under state constitution education clauses and discusses voucher program in relation to state constitutional guarantees of a right to a public education.”

Articles and responses developed at this year’s colloquium will then be published in the Cooper-Walsh Issue of the Fordham Urban Law Journal in March 2015.