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Participants in comprehensive universities forum reflect on the WISCAPE blog

November 04, 2014

In guest posts on the WISCAPE blog, participants who came together at a recent forum to examine the future of Wisconsin's public, four year universities offered their critical reflections:

  • Kevin Miller, Dual Enrollment Consultant, WI Department of Public Instruction: “My challenge to those who attended the forum and those who have a stake in this effort is to commit to the integrity of the effort rather than seeking a compromise that allows ‘your’ institution to ’come out ahead’ of others. By working together, we will all come out way ahead.”
  • Rep. Joan Ballweg, Wisconsin State Assembly: “In Wisconsin, we acted to address affordability by freezing tuition in the last budget. But affordability is just one issue facing higher education, and at WISCAPE’s policy forum the topics ranged more broadly over what the comprehensive universities and UW System can do to improve the value they deliver.”
  • Tola Ewers, Assistant Researcher and Lecturer, UW-Madison: “Prioritizing the less-than-desirable [campus] jobs for financial-aid students while not giving equal attention to the popular, high-visibility jobs often perpetuates a system benefiting those who already are privileged. Too often students who do not have to make their own way through college get the ‘popular’ jobs.”

The one-day forum, which was co-sponsored by the Wisconsin Center for the Advancement of Postsecondary Education (WISCAPE) and UW Oshkosh, convened more than 100 state and higher education leaders at Oshkosh to examine the future of Wisconsin's four-year, public, regional institutions and brainstorm how to end the student affordability crisis without jeopardizing quality and access.

To read all of the reflections from the forum, visit the WISCAPE blog