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Stambach to speak at University of Bath about ethnography, education policy

November 27, 2014

UW-Madison’s Amy Stambach will give a presentation titled, “Ethnography and the Localization of Global Education Policy,” at the University of Bath on Tuesday, Dec. 2.

Stambach is a professor of Educational Policy Studies.

Stambach’s presentation explores the localization of global education policy from an anthropological perspective. In reflecting on questions of education policy and politics, it employs a concept of “global norm-making” to theorize how, when and why policies circulate and when they “get stuck” in a place.

This presentation draws on field research conducted in the U.S. and in East Africa and concludes with an invitation to students, researchers, and policymakers to conceptualize ethnography as, in itself, a particular localization of education policy.

The presentation draws from work-in-progress, to appear in “The 2015 Handbook of Global Policy and Policy-making in Education,” edited by K. Mundy, A. Green, R. Lingard, and A. Verger.