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UW’s Chan, Kang co-author paper that nets top honors from ARCA

March 06, 2015

UW-Madison’s Fong Chan and doctoral candidate Hyun-Ju Kang are co-authors of a paper that earned the top American Rehabilitation Counseling Association (ARCA) Research Award.

This first-place honor is for an article titled, “Effect of Supported Employment on Vocational Rehabilitation Outcomes of Transition-Age Youth with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: A Case Control Study.” This paper was published in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, and was co-authored with Paul Wehman of Virginia Commonwealth University and Nicole Ditchman at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Chan is a professor with the Department of Rehabilitation Psychology and Special Education, and is co-director of the Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Evidence-Based Practice in Vocational Rehabilitation. He also is a licensed psychologist and a certified rehabilitation counselor. Kang is a doctoral student in special education.

According to the abstract of the paper that earned top honors: “The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of supported employment intervention on the employment outcomes of transition-age youth with intellectual and developmental disabilities served by the public vocational rehabilitation system using a case-control study design. … The effect of supported employment was especially strong for youth who were Social Security beneficiaries, special education students, and individuals with intellectual disabilities or autism who were high school graduates. These findings suggest that supported employment is an effective service for enhancing the vocational rehabilitation outcomes of young adults and provides valuable information for policy makers, health care providers, rehabilitation counselors, and educators.”

A paper co-authored by Chan also took home the second place award from ARCA. That paper is titled, “State Unemployment Rates and Vocational Rehabilitation Outcomes: A Multilevel Analysis,” and it appeared in the Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin. Chan is one of seven co-authors on this paper.