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UW’s Baldridge to present at Journal of Youth Studies Conference in Denmark

March 27, 2015

UW-Madison’s Bianca Baldridge will be delivering a presentation at next week’s Journal of Youth Studies Conference 2015 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Bianca Baldridge
Baldridge will take part in a session on Tuesday, March 31, and will present on her work that examines the impact of neoliberalism on community-based educational spaces. Her talk is titled, “Race, Education, and Youth Work: (Re)Imagining Black Youth in Neoliberal Times.”

The theme of this year’s Journal of Youth Studies Conference is,"Contemporary Youth, Contemporary Risks,” and it aims to address the diverse challenges and risks that young people face in contemporary society.

The conference website notes: "These risks are on the one hand structural, relating to youth transition processes, educational decisions, access to the labour market, housing conditions, etc. On the other hand risks are also cultural, resulting from actively chosen activities and situations that are part of youth (sub-)cultural activities. Depending on whom and how we ask, risk holds both potential dangers and potential pleasures for contemporary youth. In other words, risks are both creating structures of inequality and marginalization but also contribute positively to identity formation processes."

It adds: “Focusing on contemporary youth and contemporary risks, the conference aims at highlighting the interplay between these different kinds of risks and thereby uniting the many different lines of research in the youth studies field. Further, the risk and insecurity generated by the current economic situation highly affects the lives of youth across the world, thus calling for great sensitivity towards the actual conditions of youth. It is our hope that the conference will provide an enhanced understanding of what these conditions entail.”

Baldridge is an assistant professor with the Department of Educational Policy Studies.