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UW’s Turner pens op-ed examining school cheating scandal in Atlanta

April 24, 2015

UW-Madison’s Erica Turner wrote an op-ed for the Atlanta Journal Constitution’s Get Schooled blog earlier this month.

The commentary is headlined, “APS trial ends, but underlying problems, education challenges remain.” It examines the Atlanta Public Schools cheating trial that recently came to a close after a Fulton County (Georgia) jury convicted 11 educators of conspiracy to falsify students’ test scores.

Erica Turner
Turner is an assistant professor with the School of Education’s Department of Educational Policy Studies. She has studied the meaning of the Atlanta cheating scandal to families and students in southwest Atlanta.

Writes Turner: “Less than five minutes’ drive from the Fulton County Superior Courthouse, where the trial was held, the effects of the cheating scandal are not over. My research on the meaning of cheating among students, families, and their communities has identified that some youth believe that teachers think they are ‘not smart enough;’ these youth have left school or remain in school but are struggling to keep up.”

She continues: “While I have interviewed parents who feel their children have not been harmed by this scandal, many parents feel an enormous sense of betrayal.”

But for complete details, please check out Turner’s op-ed for free at the Atlanta Journal Constitution’s website.