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State teachers to showcase action research projects on campus June 17

June 12, 2015

Teachers from the Milwaukee and Madison areas will be on campus Wednesday, June 17 presenting the action research projects that they developed in conjunction with the School of Education’s Office of Education Outreach and Partnerships.

The event runs from 9 to 11:30 a.m. in the Towne Center of the Discovery Building on the UW-Madison campus.

Action research from previous yearsAbout 25 teachers will be presenting their findings on a range of research topics after spending much of the past academic year examining various issues. One cohort of teachers that will be presenting is part of the Milwaukee Action Research Scholars group. Similarly, educators from local school districts who have been implementing action research in their schools will also be showcasing their findings.

The research on display will cover a range of grade levels and subject areas, from special education to band. A sampling of the research topics that teachers examined include:

• “What is the impact on self-awareness and social communication skills of teaching students with autism to self-assess their performance?”

• “Does implementing timed multiplication tests, picture stories, and other games as a way to remember multiplication facts help children with recall of their multiplication tables?”

• “Literacy strategies in teaching band vocabulary terms: Do they work?”

• “Transforming math through station-based differentiated instruction and technology.”

• “Will hands-on vocabulary building activities adapted from the ‘Expanding Expression Tool’ be a useful carry-over tool for regular education teachers to support  language  IEP goals and to facilitate vocabulary development (comprehension, expression,  knowledge of categories, associations and functions)  in the Head Start classrooms where students are identified with Speech/Language disabilities?”

Action research projects from previous yearsBut to learn more details and to check out the range of research projects teachers undertook, make sure and visit the Towne Center on Wednesday for this museum style event, which allows viewers to walk around, check out projects, and meet and speak with the teachers who conducted the research. The showcase is free and open to the public.

The Milwaukee Action Research Scholars initiative was sponsored by UW-Madison School of Education alumna Mary Kellner, and was led by a team from Education Outreach and Partnerships (EOP), including Beth Giles, Mark Dziedzic and Michelle Denofre. This unique professional development program empowers teachers to examine their own practice and design a research project that promotes professional growth.

Giles is an interim assistant dean with the School of Education and the director of Professional Learning for EOP.  Dziedzic is an outreach specialist with EOP and the director of the Greater Madison Writing Project, and Denofre is a lecturer with EOP.