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Winn’s restorative justice work highlighted in Grant Foundation’s annual report

June 25, 2015

The work of UW-Madison’s Maisha Winn is featured in the William T. Grant Foundation’s 2014 Annual Report.

Winn is the Susan J. Cellmer Chair in English Education and a professor of language and literacies with the School of Education’s No. 1-ranked Department of Curriculum and Instruction.

Winn article in William T. Grant Annual ReportThe article, which spans pages 42-43 of the report, begins by noting: “Maisha Winn’s research sits at the intersection of literacy, justice, and the school-to-prison pipeline. As a 2014 William T. Grant Foundation Distinguished Fellow, Winn is immersing herself in two restorative justice programs to deepen her understanding of how educators can mitigate the effect of harsh discipline on students.”

It later concludes by stating: "Winn’s primary objectives for her Distinguished Fellowship are to inspire new research and guide efforts to create restorative justice training modules for middle- and high-school teachers. She hopes that the Fellowship will enable her to use her research in bridging the current gap in the literature on restorative justice and education.”

But make sure and check out the entire article for free on the William T. Grant Foundation’s website.