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Li-Ching Ho part of team awarded funding to study students' understanding of climate change

December 17, 2015

UW-Madison's Li-Ching Ho, an assistant professor with the No. 1-ranked Department of Curriculum and Instruction, is part of a team of researchers that received funding to study an international baseline of students’ understanding of climate change.

The funding is being made available through the International Network of Educational Institutions.

Prior studies have found that although people were aware of climate change, they were unable to identify its causes and consequences.

This study will look at students’ understanding of climate change through two phases. In the first phase, the team will conduct a meta-analysis of existing bodies of work. In the second phase, a survey will be distributed largely targeting 14-year-olds that will not only look at students' understanding, but their attitudes and beliefs towards climate change. 

The research team also includes:

  • Dr. Clare Brooks, UCL Institute of Education, London
  • Dr. Chew-Hung Chang, National Institute of Education, Singapore
  • Dr. Tricia Seow, National Institute of Education, Singapore