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UW-Madison’s Nathan traveling to Argentina to take part in sixth ‘LASchool’

March 09, 2016

UW-Madison’s Mitchell Nathan will be attending The 6th Latin American School for Education, Cognitive and Neural Sciences in Buenos Aires, Argentina, March 13 to 18.

Also known as LASchool, this event is a meeting that gathers students and faculty members from across the world. LASchool is designed to help build capacity among young cognitive scientists and neuroscientists to more closely examine pressing research and development problems facing education in Latin America and across the globe.

Mitchell Nathan
Nathan is the director of the Center on Education and Work and also is a professor of the learning sciences with the School of Education’s No. 1-ranked departments of Educational Psychology and Curriculum and Instruction. He also is a faculty member with university’s Department of Psychology.

Nathan will be presetting on mathematical cognition and the learning and teaching of algebra.  His lecture is titled, “Learning Mathematical Formalisms: Algebra in the Schools.”

The lecture’s abstract notes, in part, how the “study of algebraic reasoning and its development is important for what it says about our understanding of cognitive development, but also for its role as a ‘gatekeeper’ for economic opportunity and later education in the natural and social sciences. Algebraic reasoning involves a multifaceted set of skills and knowledge. At its core, it extends earlier mathematical reasoning because it allows one to reason about unknown quantities, reason with an array of abstract representations such as equations and graphs, and reason in a relational manner.”

Nathan also will be part of a separate roundtable discussion about conducting research in school settings.