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UW’s Thompson selected to give a ‘Best in Science Address’ at APA Convention

April 06, 2016

UW-Madison’s Mindi Thompson was selected to deliver the “Best in Science Address” for the Society of Counseling Psychology at the American Psychological Association’s Annual Convention in Denver, Colorado, this summer.

Mindi Thompson
“I am honored to have been selected to present the SCP’s 'Best in Science Address' at the upcoming APA Convention,” says Thompson, an associate professor with the School of Education’s Department of Counseling Psychology. “Being recognized by colleagues and mentors at a national level for my work makes this invitation particularly meaningful. I am delighted to be able to speak about a topic that has been at the center of my scholarship, and that of many of my students here at UW-Madison, this summer at the APA Convention.”

Thompson’s presentation, which will be delivered on Aug. 6, is titled, “Social Class: Interrogating its Meaning and Considering Future Directions.”

“This year we will be honoring an early career psychologist who has made a significant contribution to the science of counseling psychology,” Rachel L. Navarro, the vice president of scientific affairs for the Society of Counseling Psychology, writes about her selection of Thompson. “Thus, we are pleased to announce that Dr. Mindi Thompson from the University of Wisconsin-Madison will be giving this year’s address … Her scholarship within vocational psychology on issues of social class and classism using both qualitative and quantitative methodologies is cutting edge and encompasses the core values and foundations of counseling psychology.”