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UW's Parrish to work at American Council on Education as graduate research associate

April 13, 2016
by Wisconsin’s Equity & Inclusion Laboratory

UW-Madison’s Walter P. Parrish III will serve as a graduate research associate at the American Council on Education, Center for Policy Research and Strategy, beginning in May. Parrish will work on various ongoing projects that relate to post-traditional learners, minority-serving institutions, affirmative action and institutional capacity. 

Parrish is a second-year doctoral student with the School of Education’s Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis, and is also a research associate with Wisconsin’s Equity & Inclusion Laboratory (Wei LAB). Parrish is pursuing a minor in management and human resources in the School of Business. He explains that his research primary explores the nexus between organizational behavior, workforce diversity and workplace experiences of faculty and administrators.

Prior to enrolling in the ELPA Ph.D. program, Parrish spent eight years working in higher education, most recently as assistant director of diversity, inclusion and multicultural education at George Mason University.

Walter Parrish
The Center for Policy Research and Strategy (CPRS) conducts research that informs and advises policymakers and college leaders on solutions to systematic and long-term questions. Parrish will work with the center on on-going efforts, which will offer policy recommendations and inform multimillion-dollar grant proposals. 

Parrish is one of two candidates selected out of a highly-competitive pool of over 70 applicants. As a graduate research associate at CPRS, Parrish says he is particularly excited to be involved in the American College President Study, the oldest and most exhaustive study on the pipeline into and profile of the college president. 

"I am ecstatic to contribute to the great work of this team and continue to grow as a higher education professional and scholar," Parrish says. "I have been interested in ACE for the past year. I’ve always wanted to explore policy work, but I did not think there was a space for my research interests in those spaces. It is affirming and inspiring to know that diversity-related research is influencing policy and programmatic efforts at the national level for students and higher education leaders."

His work primarily explores the nexus between organizational behavior, workforce diversity, and workplace issues and their effects on marginalized faculty and administrators in higher education. In addition, Parrish is a graduate assistant for assessment at UW-Madison’s Multicultural Student Center where he evaluates learning outcomes of social justice trainings and initiatives.