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New video explores Cook’s research on illness afflicting Gulf War veterans

May 26, 2016

Many veterans of the Gulf War, which took place from 1990-91, suffer from a complex and chronic illness that can cause pain, fatigue and cognitive problems.

UW-Madison’s Dane Cook is in the midst of a four-year project searching for answers to Gulf War Illness (GWI) thanks to a grant he received from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Cook is a professor with the School of Education’s Department of Kinesiology, where he directs an Exercise Psychology Lab.

Dane Cook Gulf War Illness video
To view a video report about Dane Cook's research on Gulf
War Illness, visit the School's YouTube channel.
To learn about this project, check out this new report from Eric Rajala, MERIT’s video producer.

In the video, Prairie du Sac resident Kevin Krohn explains how after years of pain, he volunteered to take part in Cook’s study. Krohn served with the U.S. Marines during Desert Storm. The report explains how this experience affected Krohn’s life and allowed him to continue to serve others.

The hope, explains Cook, is that this research can identify the mechanisms involved in GWI, and in the long run help veterans better deal with the range of issues caused by the illness, for which there are currently no confirmed effective treatments.

To learn more about Cook’s research project, check out this news story from the Department of Kinesiology’s 2015 On the Move publication.