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UW-Madison’s Apple co-edits book on ‘Corporate Elites and the Reform of Public Education’

March 29, 2017

UW-Madison’s Michael W. Apple is a co-editor of a newly released book examining the role of corporate leaders and contemporary reforms of public education.

Michael Apple
The book is titled, “Corporate Elites and the Reform of Public Education,” and it’s co-edited by Helen M. Gunter and David Hall, both of whom are professors of educational policy at the University of Manchester.

“I've devoted a good deal of time to critically analyzing the growing power of the corporate sector in education,” says Apple, who is the School of Education’s John Bascom Professor of Curriculum and Instruction, and Educational Policy Studies. “This is now an increasingly international situation, one whose effects are quite worrisome.  It has become clear to me that unless we challenge this, we may lose any substantive vision of an education that is driven by critical democracy rather than profit.”

A web page promoting the book explains: “Just what is the role of corporate elites in contemporary reforms of public universities and schools? Providing fresh perspectives on matters of governance and vibrant case studies on particular facets of education provision — such as curriculum, teaching, and professional practices — this book brings together contributions from the United States, Argentina, Australia, England, Indonesia, and Singapore to explore how corporate elites are increasingly influencing public education policy and service delivery locally, nationally, and across the world.”

Corporate Elites book jacketThe preview continues: “Chapters by leading scholars like Patricia Burch, Tanya Fitzgerald, Ken Saltman, and John Smyth reveal the impact elite political and professional networks and organizations are having on opportunity, access, and outcomes.”

Apple is recognized across the world as one of the most important and influential education scholars of our time, holding 13 honorary degrees from institutions across the globe.  He is highly regarded for making significant contributions to the development of critical educational theory, research and practice. 

Apple has edited or authored more than 50 books. Two of those works, “Ideology and Curriculum,” and “Official Knowledge,” were listed as being among the 50 most significant education books during the 20th century.