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Barnes to chair World Congress on the Basic Science of Exercise and the Brain

May 16, 2017

UW-Madison’s Jill Barnes was selected to serve as program chair of the 2017 American College of Sports Medicine’s (ACSM) World Congress on the Basic Science of Exercise and the Brain.

Jill Barnes
Barnes is an assistant professor with the School of Education’s Department of Kinesiology and heads the Barnes Lab within the Bruno Balke Biodynamics Laboratory, where she investigates potential risk factors for both cardiovascular disease and dementia. She was nominated for the program chair position and approved by the ACSM’s Board of Trustees.

The World Congress on the Basic Science of Exercise and the Brain will be held May 31 and June 1 in Denver, and will focus on basic science related to the effects of exercise in all its forms on the physiological function and cognitive abilities of the brain. This event, which is being promoted as the most comprehensive meeting ever held on this topic, was created to help make ACSM’s Annual Meeting more appealing to basic scientists.

Sessions examining both acute exercise and the role of exercise training will be included in the two-day event, which will have a translational element to help attract a broad range of attendees from ACSM’s Annual Meeting, which is running May 30 through June 3 in Denver.

Barnes says the goal is to have 300-plus top interdisciplinary scientists come and learn more about the exercise aspect of the topic.

Students with UW-Madison’s Department of Kinesiology will be presenting posters as part of the World Congress, while Kristen Pickett will be taking part in a symposium May 31 titled, “Exercise in Movement Disorders.” Pickett, an assistant professor with the Department of Kinesiology’s Occupational Therapy Program, will be delivering a presentation within this symposium titled, “Novel exercise interventions and outcome assessments for individuals with Parkinson’s disease.”