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Pribbenow awarded Baldwin Wisconsin Idea grant to address implicit bias in K-12 education

June 16, 2017
UW-Madison's Christine Pribbenow received a Baldwin Wisconsin Idea grant for the project titled, "Do You Play Fair? Addressing Bias in K-12 Educational Settings."

Christine Pribbenow
Pribbenow works within the School of Education's Wisconsin Center for Education Research. Pribbenow was awarded the grant along with Molly Carnes with the School of Medicine and Public Health. 

This project aims to close disparities between black and white students by lessening implicit bias. Implicit bias, though unconscious, is an identified contributor to the disparities for underrepresented minority students. One way to combat implicit bias is through perspective-taking, or "imagining yourself in someone else's shoes." The project will focus in a K-12 school context and will let teachers and administrators explore the perspectives of their students. 

This is one of 18 projects that were awarded grants from the Ira and Ineva Reilly Baldwin Wisconsin Idea Endowment. 

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