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UW-Madison’s Charleston co-authors study on 'Black Male Persistence'

October 21, 2019

UW-Madison’s LaVar Charleston is a co-author on a new research study published by the Journal of Research Initiatives titled, “Black Male Persistence: A Phenomenological Collective of Familial and Social Motivators.”

LaVar Charleston
Charleston is the School of Education’s associate dean for diversity and inclusion. The lead author on this report is Tyson Beale of Northern Virginia Community College, who is also accompanied by Seton Hill University’s Adriel Hilton. 

The paper’s abstract explains that social capital, hyper-masculinity, and exchange theories guided their study, which examines the familial differences between black males not pre-categorized as high achieving or unprepared for college. 

In their study, the authors capture the voices of students who have persisted in higher education, highlighting student persistence and examining the critical components in social and environmental arrangements. 

For complete details about this important, nuanced topic check out the full report via this Journal of Research Initiatives web page.