School of Education Professional Staff Development
Recognition Committee Grant


The Grant Proposal forms and process is currently being reviewed and updated, please check back for updates soon!



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School of Education Academic Staff
Professional Development Grant Program

Grant Objectives

School of Education Academic Staff Professional Development Grants assist academic staff participation in meaningful professional development activities for which funding might not be otherwise available. Stated objectives, by Dean Underwood and the School of Education Committee on Academic Staff Issues (SoE CASI), are: 

  • Individual Professional Development:  A staff development program should specifically enhance and refine those abilities most directly related to the mission and goals of personal and professional development in current SoE positions and new developing position description objectives. 

  • Improved SoE Program Quality:  Staff development opportunities will improve program vitality and address rapidly changing administrative and educational needs that enhance capacity to work in a diverse environment.

  • Improved SoE Effectiveness:   The program should provide an opportunity for academic staff to enhance their effectiveness in meeting changing needs and roles in higher education and consider strategic priorities of the SoE and the university.

Professional development proposals should focus on training and/or development that improves the effectiveness of the academic staff members in their current roles. Proposals that benefit a group of academic staff members performing similar roles are encouraged.  Through these proposals, the SoE CASI will help the Dean identify high need areas of professional development on a school-wide basis.

Grant Criteria

The SoE CASI Professional Staff Development Recognition Committee will evaluate grant proposal along the following criteria:

  • A clear and convincing narrative about the value of the professional development experience to the individual, the unit and the university. Reflects how this opportunity will improve or enhance the effectiveness of the individual.
  • Addresses the changing needs and roles in higher education and has a positive effect on campus and units.
  • Supports or enhances the mission and goals of UW‐Madison, SoE, the department or unit and the individual.
  • Facilities and training locations are justified (i.e., sole provider of training/retraining only available at given locations; not locally available, etc.)
  • Reflects appropriate request for fund, i.e., travel expenses, conference fees, registration, food and lodging are within UW travel policies.
  • Submission of joint proposals is encouraged. If travel is involved, an itemization for each individual is required.
  • All complete and reasonable requests will be considered.  Awards will typically range from $500-$1000.  Applications below or above this range will still receive consideration.
  • Individuals may not receive more than one grant per academic year and will be asked to serve on the grant committee within the next year. Award recipients are eligible to re-apply after 1 year.  

The review committee will consider these factors:

  • Clear and convincing narrative about the value of the professional development experience to the individual, the unit and the university.
  • Significance & integrity of the proposed activity within the academic staff member’s field.
  • Grant proposal reflects academic staff member’s intention to share information, new skill or knowledge with other academic staff on campus.
  • Advancement of career in a current SoE position and community.
  • Individual justification for training for personal or professional development
  • Training or retraining that does not require travel outside of Madison will receive higher priority along with opportunities that benefit multiple UW‐Madison staff, students, and faculty. 
  • Participation based opportunities will receive priority. (i.e. conference presenter, panel member, poster presentation, hands-on training, scholarly research)
  • Matching or additional departmental funding is encouraged.

The review committee will not approve:

  • Training that is a fundamental requirement of the current position (including training on equipment purchased by the department) or purchase of hardware, software, certification/license fees, or capital equipment. Departments/units should address these needs through other funding sources and provide the Dean with list of training needs
  • Salary of any kind (including student positions) except for limited requests to ensure coverage of essential services.
  • Tuition for formal study (i.e., academic semester) leading to a degree. Limited budgets only allow for the funding of ONE event, course, or seminar. For details about the tuition reimbursement program, see Unclassified Personnel Policies & Procedures Chapter 12.07.
  • Multiple applications for per individual.
  • Incomplete applications or those not having properly followed the application procedures. 


  1. Complete the following:
    1. Read and understand the objectives and criteria for the SoE Professional Development Grant program.
    2. Complete the Proposal Cover Page
    3. Use the two‐page Proposal Form provided and include:
      1. Your name, title, department, unit and campus address
      2. A description of the nature of the professional development (include current or past brochure, if available)
      3. The location and time of professional development must occur within 1 year
      4. A brief explanation of why this activity is important and how it will improve your effectiveness in your current role
      5. A description of how your proposed activity relates to the needs of your personal goals, department/unit, other staff, students, and the university
      6. A description of how you intend to share your knowledge
    4. Printed documentation is required for expenses. Provide a copy of relevant document, including the name and location of the activity, the provider or host, and the schedule and expenses
    5. Acceptable documentation includes the proposed or previous conference brochure, print‐out of web page describing event, promotional material on class or workshop, letter or e‐mail from outside expert, or other printed material that shows the relevance, quality and expenses of the activity.
    6. If current material about your professional development activity material is not yet available, outdated material from the same source is acceptable, along with a verifying email from the sponsors/coordinators of the activity.
    7. Complete the Budget Worksheet. Provide evidence of cost‐saving measures where possible.
    8. Prepare a current, concise resume, as it relates to the proposal. A resume assists the committee in determining how well the PD activity relates to the duties and responsibilities of the applicant. Limit the resume to 2‐4 pages. If the proposal is to bring an outside expert to campus, include that person’s resume or other supporting credentials.
    9. Provide at least one letter, preferably from your chair or supervisor, indicating support and/or any additional departmental funding for this training. Matching or additional departmental funding is not mandatory, but is strongly encouraged.

  2. Process/Deadlines
    1. By ___, electronically submit the three grant proposal documents to Teri Engelke, Assistant Dean, School of Education,
    2. The SoE Professional Development Recognition Committee reviews proposals based on criteria, budgetary flexibility and programmatic concerns. Each submission is given a suggested grant allocation. Recommendations for funding proposals are then presented to the Dean for final approval.
    3. Funds allocated are handled through the SoE Business Office. If the award is not used within the budget year (by ___) for the proposed activity, or proposal circumstances change, please contact Teri Engelke, Assistant Dean,, L259 Education Building, 262-6139.
    4. Submission Timeline:

      Application Due:  ___                
      Notification Date
      :  4 - 6 weeks 
      Summary Due:  
      30 days upon activity completion,
      submit to SoE News once received

  3. Summary Report
    1. By ___, electronically submit the Professional Development Grant Activity Summary report; failure to submit the report will make you ineligible for future grant consideration. This summary report is to assist with evaluation of the professional development grant program and shared relevant training information across the school of education.