Digital Measures Update Feb 2010

What is Digital Measures?

  1. Activity Insight™ from Digital Measures is a reliable, versatile and secure web-based information management system available for managing and reporting faculty and staff's teaching, research and service activities. Activity Insight™ is used by colleges and universities across the globe to manage critical information for accreditation and personnel management.  Collects CV’s, syllabus, course data, awards received by faculty/staff, etc.
  2. Existing data can be loaded from a campus data system, faculty and staff can also input their own data
  3. Administrators aggregate individual faculty information and generate reports for accreditation and internal reviews.
  4. Digital Measures, a company based in Milwaukee, WI, providing a package for collecting this type of data.  
  5. Business School currently uses the program.  
  6. Campus showcased this info to other schools and colleges and in the future it will coordinate with “MyUW.”

What is the Current Status?

  1. Currently the data for SoE faculty has taken 3 years to enter given the number of faculty and amount of data (its a line by line process and major shift of data and a lack of funding for resources to be complete the process)
  2. Presentations are happening in the next month for faculty but currently no discussion about including Academic Staff 
  3. There is currently no relationship between the data gathered and reviews, promotions, etc. it is simply a repository of data
  4. If there is the committment (and that may require faculty incentives) that is still under discussion of getting faculty on board
  5. One concern of faculty has been copyright and security. 
  6. Average intake from other schools is 2 hours per 1 year provided everything can be cut and pasted from electronic files

What Does this mean for Academic Staff?

  1. Although the Dean desires that the tool have wider implentation, the process is slow and until the Faculty are successfully up and running to maintian their own ifo there won't be any focus on how this might assist Academic Staff with recognition for promotions, reviews, salary, or job security
  2. It is something that CASI should keep an eye on and consider testing if/when it becomes availble to academic staff. It does have some potential and CASI could be useful in getting info out to academic staff
  3. ASEC has also discussed that including Academic Staff into Digtial Measures will make their accomplishments and achievements more visible and including them should be a priority to impove that visibility