SoE CASI Ambassador Welcome Visits


Since the Spring semester of 2004, CASI has provided welcome visits to new SoE academic staff members that hold a renewable, 50% or greater appointment. These visits are brief and informal and are intended to replace the annual group orientation session that had previously been offered during each Fall semester. While typically conducted one-on-one—between a CASI member and the new employee—these visits can be conducted with a small group of new employees if desired. The Ambassador Program provides a packet of informational resource materials that CASI feels would be helpful to new employees. Included in the packet are also a few promotional items from some of the departments or units within the School of Education for our new staff to enjoy.

Twice per year, CASI reviews a list of new academic staff employees in order to coordinate the Ambassador visits.

Welcome Visit Packet

Contact Linda Endlichfor packet copies.

Welcome Visit Scripts

The following scripts are examples of message formats and types of information that CASI members can share with new academic staff members when setting up a visit, conducting the visit and providing follow-up communications.

They are Microsoft Word documents.

SoE CASI Ambassador Initial Contact Form (97.50 kb)

SoE CASI Ambassador Script (38.50 kb)

SoE CASI Ambassador Visit Followup (49.00 kb)