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Resources By Theme

Exemplar Units, Lessons, and Resources

What does "Exemplars" mean?

High School
 Topics for k-12
Indian Nations
Pow Wow
Lesson: A Wisconsin Pow Wow (PDF), Patty Loew Native People of Wisconsin Teacher Guide and supporting resource
Powwow Trail - Keeping the Beat (video)
The Hochunk Nation
Resource: Language Apprentice - Bringing back the Ho-Chunk Language
Indian Mounds
Lesson: Effigy Mound Activity (PDF) with supporting resource Native American Mounds
in Madison and Dane County

( PDF)

Lesson: American Indian History - the Infusion Approach (PDF) Paul Ryken

Resource: Wisconsin Indian Treaties & Tribal Sovereignty (PDF) Ronald N. Satz


Walter Bresette: Treaty Rights and Sovereignty

Cultures in Conflict
Cultures in conflict
Resource: Investigating Wisconsin History:  Cultures in Conflict
Menominee Land Cession
Lesson: Menominee Land Cession (PDF) and supporting resource:  Chief Oshkosh - Leader in Troubled Times (video)

Resource: Spearfishing - A Living History (video)

Wisconsin Indians Then and Now
Early History
Lesson: Early History (PDF), Patty Loew Native People of Wisconsin Teacher Guide and supporting ​resource:

Nearby Field Trip Sites for K-12

Cultures in Conflict
Lesson: Cultures in Conflict, (PDF) , Patty Loew Native People of Wisconsin Teacher Guide
and supporting resource:  Investigating Wisconsin History

First Americans
Unit and Lesson Plan:
First Americans of
the Great Lakes Region
(PDF) and supporting ​resource: Manoomin (video)
Wisconsin Stories

Videos and Lessons
(The Ways)
Tribal Youth Media - Patty Loew

Tribal Histories Wisconsin Public Television

​Looking for Grade Level Lessons?

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Recommended Online Resources

12 American ​Indian Nations
of Wisconsin



​Act 31 Across WIsconsin

  • The state of Wisconsin was charged with creating a curriculum for grades 4-12 on American Indian treaty rights. It included a mandate for school programming to give students an understanding of different value systems, cultures, and human relations. 
  • Schools are required to teach American Indian studies at least 3 times throughout a student’s K-12 career and must maintain instructional materials which appropriately reflect diverse cultures.


Act 31 on the UW Campus

Each teacher seeking a license from the state must have instruction in American Indian history, culture and tribal sovereignty, ​meeting the requirement of Act 31 is more than an obligation for certification; it represents our university’s commitment to serve our diverse communities and the American Indian tribes and bands who reside within its borders.


News and Media Resources

The following links are to media resources, television, and radio that covers news and entertainment for and about American Indian nations and tribal communities across Wisconsin, the United States, and Canada.