Academic Advising

Make an appointment: 608-262-1651
Advising Office: 139 Education Building, 1000 Bascom Mall, 7:45 am-4:30 pm

Phone appointments are available for students at a distance by request.

All current and prospective students are assigned to a professional advisor with Education Academic Services (EAS) or the Office of Undergraduate Recruitment and Retention (OURR).

Students in Art, Dance, and Physical Education (Kinesiology) are also assigned an EAS/OURR advisor, but usually work directly with advisors in their department.

Students interested in School of Education programs are encouraged to confer with an advisor. Once admitted to a professional program, students usually work closely with a faculty or staff advisor around professional learning and career development.

Education Academic Services

EAS staff provide advising and support services to undergraduates in the School of Education. Students are assigned to EAS staff based on their last name. Phone 608-262-1651 to make an appointment.

A through E graphic  Becky Smith
F graphic  Wyl Schuth
G through L graphic  Mary Thompson-Shriver
M through R graphic  ​Wyl Schuth
S through Z graphic  Michael Sullivan

Barbara Gerloff, Assistant Dean

Office of Undergraduate Recruitment and Retention (OURR)

The Office of Undergraduate Recruitment and Retention (OURR) is one unit within the School of Education's Student Diversity Programs. OURR is a focal point for the personal and professional development of underrepresented students of color in the School. OURR's mission OURR is to connect students to information, faculty, staff, and each other, so that they may graduate from the School of Education and fulfill vital roles in their communities. OURR staff work towards this mission by building and supporting a network of students and graduates that strengthen, transform, and lead their communities through education, service, and other contributions

  • Aaron Bird Bear, Interim Assistant Dean and Director, 105 Education Bldg., 608-262-8427, 
  • Jerry Jordan, Recruitment and Retention Specialist,103 Education Bldg., 608-890-3403,
  • Sa Seng Xiong, Recruitment and Retention Specialist, 104 Education Bldg., 608-890-2746,