Scholarships and Grants


The generosity of alumni and friends enables the School of Education to distribute approximately $500,000 in scholarships and awards to deserving undergraduate students. Awards are made through a school-wide competitive process and by individual departments and programs. View the list of School of Education undergraduate scholarships.

Selection criteria for specific scholarships and awards vary and may include academic performance, excellence in a specific field or area, potential as a prospective teacher, leadership ability, personal attributes (such as returning adult status or home county), and financial need. School-wide scholarships for undergraduates are designated for students seeking teacher certification; most go to students already admitted to professional teacher education programs. 

Departmental scholarships and awards are also available for students in majors unrelated to teaching. These require separate applications; for information, contact the department or program.

Applications for School of Education scholarships are usually available in February on the UW-Madison scholarships website. The deadline for applications to be submitted is usually late March or early April. Awards are determined in June (after program admissions are complete) and students are informed about results in July. Scholarship recipients celebrate their awards at our fall awards and honors banquet.

TEACH Grants

Federal TEACH Grants are available to teacher education students who are admitted formally to a “high-need” teacher education program and who meet specific academic requirements. “High need” areas include Bilingual Education; Communicative Disorders; English as a Second Language; Family and Consumer Education; Mathematics; Music; Reading Specialist; Science certification areas; Special Education; and World Language Education.

Eligible students must have scored above the 75th percentile on a nationally-normed admissions test or have earned at least a 3.25 cumulative grade-point average (GPA). Students who become eligible for the program via GPA must earn a 3.25 GPA to maintain eligibility.

All TEACH Grant recipients must meet a service requirement after completing their teacher preparation program. They must be a full-time teacher in a “high-need field” in a “low-income” elementary or secondary school for a total of four academic years within eight years of completing a teacher education program.

For more details on the TEACH grant, see this detailed TEACH Grant Document and the TEACH Grant application form.