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Goldberg authors paper examining treatment delay among pre- and post-9/11 veterans

March 18, 2019

UW-Madison’s Simon Goldberg is the lead author on a new paper examining treatment delay among post-9/11 veterans vs. pre-9/11 veterans and civilians. 

This work was published by the journal Psychiatric Services Today and is titled, "Mental Health Treatment Delay: A Comparison Among Civilians and Veterans of Different Service Eras."

Simon Goldberg
Goldberg is an assistant professor with the School of Education’s Department of Counseling Psychology, and he is an affiliate with the university’s Center for Healthy Minds

Goldberg’s study compared delay of treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), major depressive disorder, and alcohol use disorder among post-9/11 veterans versus pre-9/11 veterans and civilians by examining surveys on alcohol and related conditions. 

He found that post-9/11 veterans were less likely to delay treatment for PTSD and depression than pre-9/11 veterans and civilians. However, no differences were observed in treatment delay for alcohol use disorder. Some of the delays varied based on military health care coverage. 

Goldberg's paper concludes that the difference in treatment delay may reflect efforts to engage recent veterans in mental health care. He suggests that universally low initiation of treatment for alcohol use disorder may require further engagement. 

Read Goldberg's study here.

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